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MVP2Customer Challenge

Whether you’re just launching or stuck in the early customer acquisition stage, this four weeks challenge is your key to building your base of initial customers. Depending on your business model, that initial base could be 3 customers, 100 or 1000 customers. The objective of this DOING Challenge is to help you get sales ready by providing you with a guided approach on what to achieve each week and a supportive environment of accountability.

We'll kick off on 1st of July and registration for this cohort closes by Friday 5th July 11.59pm AEST and you'll be directed to the waitlist for August cohort.

Why Join the Challenge?

  • Winning customers consistently is an art and a science and this 4 weeks challenge (program outline below) is designed to cover both. 


    It methodically covers all the key elements, systems and assets you need to attract and convert your initial customer base. And being a DOING Challenge, your completed assignments (sales copy, lead magnet, sales deck, website) will be submitted for feedback to raise the art of your client acquisition.

  • This is not a passive online course. You'll be receiving masterclass recordings, assignments, and practical tools (guides, templates, checklist) each week to keep you on track and progress forward with clarity.


    Being a challenge with a leaderboard, points will be given to actions - whenever a material is created or a system is set up to acknowledge your effort in equipping yourself to succeed. Digital certificate will be given on completion of the challenge.

  • As you work on the assignments throughout the week, you can book in time to consult an expert mentor. We’ll also have office hours for you to consult our all-rounder entrepreneurs-in-residence over 1-1 speed mentoring.

    You’re welcome to submit your challenges and questions or completed work for feedback and advice from our mentors and experts in their own time.

  • Test your MVP with your target market and refine it into a product they'll buy repeatedly and refer. Make real impact with your solution.

  • The top three winners will stand to win exclusive mentoring sessions, potential angel investor meetings, a feature in our newsletter and social media with audience of over 13,000 and a waiver to repeat the challenge next month for free. A winner will also be awarded by Stride Equity, a valued spot on the the SPRINT Investment Ready program, designed to equip ambitious founders seeking capital with the knowledge, tools, and networks with investors needed to raise capital to fuel their growth. The SPRINT Program is a partnership between Tank Stream Labs, The Nudge Group and Stride Equity.


  • This challenge is great for anyone who has a developed product or service and looking to attract their first, recurring or predictable beta or paying customers.

  • The challenge starts at the start of each month and goes on for four weeks. You will receive masterclass recordings and assignments at the start of each week. At the end of each week, you'll submit your assignments for locking in your points and feedback.

  • The points are set such that if you already have the items listed in the Sales Capability Audit list, you'll be awarded 30 points for each item. This is to reflect real life experiences where more often than not and at a single point in time, no two business will start from the same starting point. You may enter a market where there's already established players and you will have to catch up from there to close the gap.


    For every item you improved, you get 20 points, this is to acknowledge your effort in refining your ingredients for customer success. For every item that was deemed good, you get 40 points, and every item deemed great, you get 60 points. 10 bonus points are also given for action items that you undertook to go the extra mile. As this is a Doing Challenges, points are allocated to what's being done and the quality of whatever that was created.

  • Throughout this Doing Challenge to get you from MVP to Customers, we'll have experts and mentors offering their time for you to book a mentoring chat or submit your question for their feedback and advice in their own time.

  • This challenge is a Doing Challenge for founders looking to dedicate their time on setting up their foundation for attracting and converting customers. It is personalisable and practical - you should not progress to future weeks and create more assets for your sales activities if the initial activities are not set up or did not yield promising outcome.

    The challenge is also designed such that it is easy to reiterate the following month when you have greater insights or need to experiment differently.

  • A guided yet flexible and personalisable pathway on how to progress your startup each week from MVP to customer, resources such as masterclass recordings, templates, and cheatsheets to facilitate your effort, access to mentors time for advice and feedback, and opportunities to network with peers on a similar quest.

The Challenge is a Shortcut

Startups and new businesses often run out of cash before they could build a base of initial customers. This challenge is crafted to guide you through the essential steps and actions to winning over your first clients. The plug and play challenge is designed to work for any niche and business model as you can pick and choose what makes sense for your business and personalised your own plan of attack. The program helps you approach customer acquisition with clarity and confidence.

Up Your Sales Capability on Autopilot

Kick off with an audit of where you're at - where your gaps, strengths and areas for improvement are. From there, personalise your action items each week based on our proprietary 4 weeks program, supported with guides, templates, masterclasses and cheatsheets. Here's what to expect each week.

Special Bonuses

In addition to the tools and templates for completing your assignments each week, access a further 20+ resources to supercharge your founding journey.

GPT Prompts for Copywriting Guide | AI Tools for Content Creation | Create Your Distinctive Brand Online Guide | Business Plan Guide for Your Startup | 24 Canva Templates for Social Media | 240 Inspirational Quotes | Launch with Confidence Guide | 33 Tools for Your Business | 20 Types of Business Models | Investor Speak Made Easy | CEO Simple Tracker | Basic Growth Dashboard | 90 Content Ideas for Founders & Consultants | Your Brand Guide Canva Template | Disciplined Entrepreneurship Book Summary

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