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bMightie Activate for Students

 For the price of a coffee, Activate for Students membership provides future business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs with learning resources, gigs-based opportunities for internships and skill development, friendly and supportive mentors, and broadcasting of member's internship profile to bMightie's network of startups and businesses.

What You'll Get

  • Book online small group or 1-1 chats with our mentors to chat all things career navigation, starting a business, confidence and online profile building, and more. These sessions are kindly sponsored by our mentors-in-residence and will subject to their availability.

  • Use this ever growing hub of over 70+ masterclass recordings, guides, tools, and templates on different areas of the business, early-stage investing, and personal development to upskill and accelerate at your own pace.

  • Opportunities to work with startups and new businesses on gig-based internships to build your portfolio of work and skills. Designed to be minimum time commitment, maximum impact, the internships support students and startups to collaborate with flexibility for both.

  • Have your profile broadcasted to bMightie network of startups and businesses seeking interns and new hires.

  • Build your personal profile visibility and network beyond your immediate circle via our networking and learning events for students to meet new business friends and mentors.


  • Most definitely. You may be exploring to start a side hustle/business or investing, or you're keen to contribute by sharing your knowledge or experiences, bMightie is a great place for you to network with an ecosystem of like-minded startup and business leaders.

  • Create your own bMightie Activate experience - enjoy what you like most out of the various membership perks, and do as much or as little as you like. There is no pressure to be a "good student". We're here to support you do your best work in your best self for your business. See bMightie as your business, professional, investment journey supercharger!

  • We're here to form new business friendships. Please refrain from selling your services or products or coach your connection if coaching was not solicited. Everyone's time is precious so avoid running very late if you can or ghosting your match. Take this time to get to know your bMightie connection. Be open, present without multi-tasking in meetings, and ask questions or how you can help or what experiences you can share. Most importantly, enjoy the networking and learning specially tailored for you!

  • Not at all, bMightie concierge will set up the calls on our account. All you need is to accept the calendar invite and jump on the call at the scheduled time. 

  • We accept payment via Stripe, which accept major credit cards and bank institutions.

  • We offer a free membership tier with access to our virtual masterclasses and resources helpful for one's personal and business growth. Paid members are free to downgrade or upgrade back any month.

  • It's free and invite-only to join bMightie network. Once part of the network, you'll receive a monthly newsletter on our upcoming masterclasses and networking events. When you upgrade to Activate membership, you'll get weekly resources empowering your leadership path from inspiration to success via education, curated connections, and more.

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