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Introducing bMightie Activate @ AU$10/month

Supercharge your networking, learning, and accountability with the bMightie community of founders and leaders worldwide!

  • Fortnightly CEO Retro Hour - Group call to review your sprint the past fortnight and plan for the next fortnight.

  • Weekly Events for Networking and Learning

  • Library of Masterclass Recordings (over 20 hours of classes from tech to marketing, growth and PR to fundraising to resilience building, plus more added each month).

  • Tools and Templates for Business/Professional Growth.

  • 2 x bMightie Matches a Month to Expand Your Network.

  • Feature Opportunities on our Social Media and Newsletter Audience Base of over 13,000.

  • Join up to 3 bMightie groups on WhatsApp for closed discussions.

*** Cancel any month.

*** To gift bMightie Activate, simply ping our team after purchase at info[at]bmightie[dot]com.

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Fortnightly Virtual  CEO Retro Hour


As the CEO of your life and/or your business, what gets measured gets progressed.


This is a great accountability opportunity to meet every fortnight in a virtual group call to review your progress from the past fortnight and plan your sprint for the next.


There'll also be time for networking, hot seat coaching, and group discussion.

Accelerate Your Learning at Your Own Pace through our Weekly Lunch & Learn Events and Library of Masterclass Recordings, Tools and Templates 


Check out latest bMightie events here on Luma, our Activate member library of tools, templates and guides, and past recordings of over 20 hours of masterclasses on the following and more:

  • How to Best Leverage Social Media

  • Building MVP for Non-Tech Founders

  • Entrepreneurial Stamina - How to Stay Focused & Motivated

  • Networking Strategies for Introverts & New Founders

  • AMA: Minimum Viable Legals for Startups

  • How to Social Sell on LinkedIn

  • How To Build Instant Credibility For Your Startup

  • Multiply Your Marketing Output with AI Tools

  • How to Scale Your Operations

  • Growth Hacking & Rapid Experimentation for Startups

  • How to Design Your Perfect Pitch Deck

*** Cancel any month.

*** To gift bMightie Activate, simply ping our team after purchase at info[at]bmightie[dot]com.

Expand your network with bMightie matches. Receive 2 matches a month based on your objective or stage and e-meet your match via a video call.

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Join up to 3 bMightie Groups on WhatsApp - Crowdsource for Help and Contribute Your Discoveries, Expertise and Learnings in the group chat.

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  • Sustainability

  • Space

  • HR Tech and Recruitment

  • Hospitality

  • Fashion

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Data and AI

  • Web3: Blockchains, Crypto, and NFTs

  • CyberSecurity

  • FinTech & InsurTech

  • Sales, Marketing & Growth Leaders

  • Finance, Revenue & Commercialisation Leaders

  • Product & Tech Leaders

  • Risk, Legal & Compliance Leaders

*** Cancel any month.

*** To gift bMightie Activate, ping our team after purchase at info[at]bmightie[dot]com.

Perks of being a Mightie

& Community

  • Get connected over a video call to other Mighties via platform-generated matches or your own initiation.

  • Bond with others in the bMightie network in our member / micro community events.

Learning from Events, Classes & Content

  • Receive educational content on how to launch and grow your business, develop yourself as an entrepreneur, and more.

  • Join virtual or in-person member events and masterclasses to learn from other experts.

Support from
bMightie Concierge

  • The bMightie Concierge is always here to support and ensure you have a smooth experience and make the most of your membership. Reach out anytime with your feedback and suggestions!

Tools & Templates
to Save You Time 

  • Enjoy our ready-made tools and templates to help you save time and headaches doing it all on your own.

  • Our resources cover business planning, design, marketing planning, budgeting, and more.

Have a Question?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions here or get in touch with us via the contact form. We'd love to hear from you!

*** Cancel any month.

*** To gift bMightie Activate, simply ping our team after purchase at info[at]bmightie[dot]com.

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