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Welcome to your Startup Networking & Learning Club! Whether you are a New, Aspiring or Seasoned Entrepreneur, Expert, or Investor, we are your peer-and-mentor-powered Accelerator for going from Aspiration to Success.

Global Network of 3,000+ and 13,000+ on Social

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Founders Trek

For aspiring, new, and early-stage startup founders, looking to skill up in the foundations of startup to scaleup and expand their entrepreneurial network and circle of support from ecosystem champions and mentors.


Servicepreneurs & Productpreneurs Trek

For coaches, consultants, agency owners, and product based business owners working solo or in their initial years of establishment, looking to level up their new

business and grow from launch to initial customers, brand visibility, and consistent sales.


Studentpreneurs & Young Professionals Trek

For students who are aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders or investment professionals looking to develop professionally, connect with mentors, receive internship opportunities, and skill up in entrepreneurship or early stage investing.


Investors Trek

For new or solo investors or angels looking to expand their network, skill up on investing essentials, and receive developments on the latest investment landscape, and support on deal sourcing and due diligence.

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Hear from our Mighties


Nadia Lee



bMightie has quite literally transformed my career. I’ve met investors, business partners, and best friends who I’ve formed genuine relationships with. I love that there is no pressure to perform - you can just be your self and have a genuine conversation. The spam-free inbox is a bonus.


Gerard Manion

CEO and Founder

Learnt Group

I had the pleasure of being matched on bMightie with extraordinary people from all over the world, and it’s been a simple and efficient process the whole way. Conversations were compelling and the platform provided some of the best business interactions I have had in years. Developed with the “real” connection in mind, bMightie has grown to provide more value than existing major platforms. Its growth, the Mighties and the activity level are proof of where bMightie is heading.


Rujuta Natu



bMightie has been instrumental to Mantaray's startup journey to date. An early stage founder needs to get their head around so many things and bMightie's curated introductions have been a huge value add during this critical phase.


Gunnar Habitz

Senior Partner Manager


bMightie helps startup founders and solopreneurs build their dream into viable businesses. The founder and team bMightie's commitment to seeing the community succeed is second to none. bMightie networking meetings are often with a diverse group of like-minded individuals. Members feel welcomed in a safe place to exchange ideas - an experience especially important in the early phases of building a business.

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